£500 Clubhouse Bingo + £1500 Instant Wins

Draw closes Mon 29th Jan @ 08:00 PM - Tickets Left: 1106
Cash Alternative: £500
Multi Buy Offer: 4 for £10


Winner is: chocolateeclaire2

Ticket number: 1257
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Welcome to Clubhouse Bingo! Win £500 Cash Main Prize… On top of that, there are 30 x Bingo Instant Cash Wins to keep you winning along the way. As the Bingo Instant Win Numbers are won, they will be marked off the card so everyone can see what is left.

The instant win bingo numbers are displayed below and on the Bingo Card Design displayed for this competition.

If you are the last person to complete any line (horizontal lines only, not vertical or diaganal) you will win an additional £100 bonus. It doesnt matter who won the other instant win bingo numbers in that particular line, if you are the last to complete that line, you win the bonus £100 win on top of your instant bingo cash win bonus.

PrizeTicket NumberWinner
£25 Cash29
£50 Cash73
£100 Cash126
£50 Cash204 Won by Adeline Burnside
£25 Cash285
£50 Cash304
£25 Cash352 Won by Lauren Colyer
£50 Cash435
£25 Cash550 Won by Steven Wilkinson
£50 Cash587 Won by Sian McBride
£100 Cash658
£50 Cash683
£200 Cash711 Won by Katie Smith
£25 Cash731
£50 Cash819
£25 Cash866
£50 Cash936
£25 Cash984
£100 Cash1021
£50 Cash1095 Won by Jay Parks
£25 Cash1196
£25 Cash1200
£50 Cash1228 Won by Nicola Hester
£25 Cash1303
£100 Cash1341 Won by Claire Murray
£50 Cash1379 Won by Laney Fleet
£25 Cash1442
£25 Cash1456
£25 Cash1504
£50 Cash1627 Won by Kaylee Lancashire