Andrex Mega Bundle

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He re’s what you need to know about this competition! 👇 🔥

🧻 The Andrex Mega Bundle is a must-have for every household, featuring a variety of high-quality toilet paper products to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable.

🎟️ With just 150 tickets available, your chances of winning are higher than ever! Each ticket is priced at an affordable 99p, and participants can purchase up to 15 tickets to increase their chances of winning.

🏆 THREE lucky winners to receive an Andrex Mega Bundle each. That means triple the chances of stocking up on your favorite bathroom essentials!

⏰ Don’t miss out! The competition closes at 8pm on Monday, 22nd April. Make sure to secure your tickets before time runs out.

Join the competition today, good luck to all participants! 🚽🎉