Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser Bundle

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This chic drinking chocolate machine creates barista-grade hot chocolate, made with real grated chocolate flakes, in just 2.5 minutes. Simply plug in your Velvetiser, choose your chocolate and your milk – dairy or plant-based or even water if you prefer- and press the button. Plus with the removable whisk and non-stock coating, cleaning is easy. Just rinse out with cold water.

Like all Hotel Chocolat recipes, drinking chocolate is made with 100% engaged ethics cacao and nothing artificial.

It’s been designed to serve hot chocolates at 68 – 70°C, which is the melting point for cacao butter. That’s the reason why Velvetiser hot chocolates are smooth, creamy and full of flavour.

Everything you need to get started; the Velvetiser comes with two ceramic podcups and 10 Hotel Chocolat Hot Chocolate single serve sachets. That means you and a friend can try out the different flavours and find your new favourite hot chocolate mix.