Shark Ninja 3-in-1 Fan, Purifier & Heater

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Prize ends: July 15, 2024 8:00 pm
Timezone: Europe/London

This lottery is limited to 300 tickets

Tickets sold: 48

This lottery will have 1 winner

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Get ready to elevate your home comfort all year round! 🏡✨ Join our exciting giveaway for a chance to win the versatile and powerful Shark Ninja 3-in-1 Fan, Purifier & Heater! 🌬️🔥

🏆 Shark Ninja 3-in-1 Fan, Purifier & Heater 🏆

This incredible device offers cooling, heating, and air purification, making it perfect for any season! Stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and breathe clean air all year long. 🌟🌀

📊 Competition Details:

  • Total Tickets: 300 🎟️
  • Max Tickets per Person: 30 🎟️
  • Price per Entry: Just £1.99 per ticket! 💷
  • Multibuy Discount: 5 tickets for £9 & more!

With only 300 tickets available, your odds of winning are fantastic! And with only 1 winner, the excitement is even higher, so grab your tickets now and secure your chance to win this amazing 3-in-1 device! 🎁

🎯 How to Enter:

  1. Purchase your tickets – You can buy up to 30 tickets to increase your winning chances!
  2. Take advantage of the multibuy discount: 5 tickets for just £9!
  3. Sit back, relax, and imagine the comfort and convenience of the Shark Ninja 3-in-1 in your home!

🏅 Why Enter?

  • Amazing prize: Shark Ninja 3-in-1 Fan, Purifier & Heater!
  • Affordable entry: Only £1.99 per ticket!
  • Better deal: Multibuy discount – 5 tickets for £9!
  • High stakes: Only 1 winner!

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